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1. Write down the names of ten characters.

2. Write a fic of fifty words or less for each prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do Step 1. 

  1. Erik Lehnsherr
  2. Dean Winchester
  3. Crowley
  4. Castiel
  5. Charles Xavier
  6. Brian Kinney
  7. Snow White
  8. Damon Salvatore
  9. Methos
  10. Elena Gilbert

(Sooo let's just pretend that the word limit did not exist, shall we?)

1.  First time 4&6, Cas & Brian (53)

As diminished his powers were, he could still see the glow of each and every human soul - and the brightness of this one could rival even Dean's. Pride, fierce and powerful shone of him, swirled with protective love for those who he deemed worthy, for those he would kill or die for.

2. Angst, 7 – Snow (56)

It felt like losing a limb. Her little girl, her beautiful baby girl with her father's hair and her mother's eyes, taken from them. She knew it was for the best, for the protection of the kingdom and Emma, but still she couldn't do anything but curl up on herself, crying for a life never had.

3. AU 1&8, Erik & Damon (62)

Erik wanted to slap the insolent boy in front of him. War was not a game, not if you wanted to see the next day. And Damon Salvatore's blatant disobedience could get himself - or worse, someone else - killed on the field. It was high time someone put him to his place, and Erik was the perfect man for the job.

4. Threesome 3, 6, 9 - Crowley, Brian, Methos (60)

It was rather impressive given the company that Brian seemed to be the most experienced and at ease with the situation. All of hell's depravity or several millennia of human history seen and lived couldn't match one human's zeal for life. And if zeal manifested in him fucking Methos through the mattress while deep-throating Crowley – well, no one was complaining.

5. Hurt/Comfort, 5 & 10 – Charles & Elena (160)

Elena was desperately clutching at her pillow as the scene unfolded on the screen. She watched in abject horror as Erik turned the missiles back at the ships, condemning thousands to a violent death. But then Charles barreled into him, and Elena hoped, she hoped so much. If anybody could reach Stef.. Erik, it would be Charles. Punches were thrown, insults flung at eachother as swords, and then Moira, the gun, bullets deflected but not far enough, not nearly far enough... And silence. Elena knew this feeling all too well - when you can feel your world crashing down around you, and there is no sound but the blood rushing in your ears. She wanted to hold Charles as he lay on the sand, telling him that everything is gonna be okay, that his love for Erik would be enough, that he will chose him, their future... But she guessed there would be no use in lying to a telepath.

6. Crack, 1 – Erik (72)

Sex pheromones and various hallucinogenics he was used to. Even the occasional days spent as cat, dog - or on a rather memorable occasion as a shark - didn't seem to phase him. But this... This travesty he would not tolerate. He has breasts, for fuck's sake! For the sake of his mental health he's forgone checking for other anatomical changes, but it was only a matter of time.

7. Horror, 10 – Elena (94)

Her life was a constant series of tragedies in the recent weeks-months-years. Her parents' death, Vicky, Isobel, John, Caroline's dad, Bonnie's mom... The headcount was getting higher and higher. And the things she had to bear witness to: the wounds, the torture - both physical and emotional - was sometimes too much to handle. But she had no choice but to carry on, as she did right now, holding Damon's head in the crook of her left arm, while the right was desperately trying to keep his guts in their place...

8. Babyfic, 5 & 9 – Charles & Methos (78)

Actually it was kinda funny how such a tiny being could frighten two grown men. To be fair, it has been some hundred years since Methos last held a child this young, and Charles for all his experience never had to deal with babies - and since their thoughts are not completely formed yet, even his telepathy couldn't help. Thousands of years lived, intimate knowledge of the human mind - but still the diaper-change remained a mystery.

9. Dark, 2 & 8 – Dean & Damon (102)

These Originals were a pain in the ass even with Crowley's deal protecting them from permanent harm. That Rebekah chick was too much into bloodplay even for a bloodsucker. So thee Winchester brothers did the usual: teaming up with anyone opposing the biggest threat - even if those were also vampires. To say that Dean and Damon had the biggest pissing-contest known in history would be an understatement. Booze, women, kills - they  competed in everything. So it's kinda impossible to describe to amount of sadistic pleasure Damon felt while feeding Dean his blood, thus saving the hunter's life.

10. Romance, 4 & 7 – Castiel & Snow (149)

When the Winchester brothers were thrown to yet another strange realm, Castiel wasted no time before following them. But something must have gone wrong as he couldn't find them anywhere - which was fortunate since he landed in the middle of a snow-cowered nowhere. He believed himself utterly alone till he met the girl dressed in furs carrying a bow. She offered to show him the way to the nearest town, chatting amiably the whole way. She told him about a man who was apparently named Charming of all things, and he found himself telling about Dean in return. When they reached the edge of the town where she said she couldn’t follow him, she surprised him with a question.

'So you are looking for your true love too?'

A moment’s pause.

'Yes, I believe I am.'

The answering smile he got was as beautiful as the day.

11.  Death fic, 2 & 3 – Dean & Crowley (64)

Just once he wanted to be there when Dean died, just once. Of course he wouldn't be stupid enough to believe that this time it'd stick, but it would be nice just to watch. Would he be angry? Surprised? Resigned? Not that he had high hopes for seeing either of those menaces gone for good... But still, it would be so incredibly nice.

Date: 2012-04-19 03:43 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] kira-k.livejournal.com
typo in 5.: your _would_ crashing down <-- I believe you wanted "world" there


Your pairings actually make sense! And all your ficlets are just wonderful <3 Why do I love love love the ErikDamon and the DeanDamon ones the best? And the Horror! It made me shiver, and, want to hug Elena. Because she is the best. <3

AU and Death fic both made me laugh. xD

Actually loved all of them. ^^"

Date: 2012-04-28 02:45 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] dombihugi.livejournal.com
Nagyon jó!:D (még, ha nem értettem az összeset XD) Ahogy Kíra is írta, neked értelmes párosítások jöttek ki.:D Castiel Snowval nagyon cuki volt.^^


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